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Trayectorias  Clients SL


Our team has been established more than 25 years for the administration and management services of unique properties in the Marbella to Estepona area on the south coast of Spain.

Our aim is to provide you with a full range of services to suit your needs.  These will include catering for all aspects of the maintenance and security of your property in Marbella; from managing your fiscal requirements in Spain.

With a maintenance team including;  electricians, plumbers, carpenters, air conditioning technicians, computer technicians, locksmith, gardeners and cleaners, we ensure you spend all of your time enjoying your home in Marbella, and none of it chasing people to solve problems. 

We offer a wide range of additional services; property re-design and refurbishment, interior decoration.

Pamela Cane Company Owner

Trayectorias Clients SL



Tel: +34 666 919 376


Expert care and maintenance for your property in Marbella

Established in Marbella over 25 years for the administration and management of unique private villas, and apartments.

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